The Not-Shed

Larry Berliant | Berliant Builders, Inc.

July 13, 2020

The outdoor shed holds a sacred place in American frontier-busting lore.  It’s a bastion of peace and tranquility – a place of productivity, refuge, safety, and utility.  It’s a symbol of ownership, a flag planted in promise of continual improvement and progress.  Over its lifetime, the shed takes on the personality of its owner, assuming a presence greater than the sum of four walls and a roof.

But, even in America, not all sheds are created equal.

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We’ve modernized the concept of the shed in a recent project in Roscoe Village, creating what we refer to affectionately as “The Not-Shed” (because a “shed” it is not).

The Not-Shed is a four-season, temperature controlled multipurpose room, utilizing a high-efficiency air conditioning unit and in-floor heating under a finished concrete floor.  It boasts remote-operated glass “garage” doors on two sides, designed to combine both form and function.  The Not-Shed anchors its own city lot adjacent to the main house; its sidewalk approach is a runway of grass.  It’s a destination.

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Our client utilizes The Not-Shed for a multitude of purposes: it’s a work space, an exercise room, a controlled play area for young children, a staging area for outdoor parties, storage space, and a meditation/yoga room.  Use changes with the season.  When the doors are closed, the space is a cozy, finished, and well-lit.  When they’re open, the space becomes airy and transitional, visually and aesthetically tying into the outdoor patio – also designed and built by Berliant Builders.

[Insert picture #3 – interior view.]

The Not-Shed has taken on new importance during the era of Covid-19.  Our client told us recently, only half-jokingly, that he “wouldn’t have survived without it.”  It has become an “on-site vacation home” that’s accessible, comfortable, and safe.  Especially during these unparalleled times, The Not-Shed serves – much like its humble ancestor – as a critical component of the home’s resiliency.

Larry Berliant is president of Berliant Builders Inc., a core member of NextHaus Alliance.

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