How do you benefit?

You are invested in the future.

NextHaus Alliance® is a group of companies at the forefront of sustainable architecture, design, construction, landscaping and technology. We come together to help you build a gracefully designed home that’s sustainable, resilient and healthy.

High Design

Beautiful, livable design is integrated into every NextHaus home. There is no need to sacrifice the luxury of an exceptionally designed home for sustainability; in fact, we see it as an opportunity to create innovative designs that push aesthetic boundaries and work beautifully with nature.

Low Carbon

Conscientiously crafted with sustainability in mind, a NextHaus home is low or zero carbon thanks to smart design and technology, sustainable building materials and usage of renewable energy sources.

High Performance

We utilize leading practices in building technology to ensure your home does more for you. Our fully electric homes increase energy efficiency, healthy air quality, and environmental resilience.

Low Stress

Creating a sustainable home requires skillsets and knowledge that are hard to come by in traditional building industries. We bring together a team of experts with decades of sustainable homebuilding experience in their respective fields to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Design with nature.

From tracking solar patterns to studying the topography of sites, we take inspiration from surrounding natural areas to create truly beautiful homes.

What is a Passive House?

Setting new standards for energy efficiency, a Passive House certificate indicates an ultra-low energy home based on the demanding standards set by the Passive House Institute United States (PHIUS). The goal is to make the house as tight as possible through the design, detailing and execution during construction while maintaining healthy ventilation. NHA has designed homes certified to Passive House standards and can go over what is involved with obtaining this level of sustainable design.

How does our team work?

With teamwork. We’ve collaborated in the past and know how to work smoothly and effectively to provide you with a low stress experience. Meet the members.

Did you know?

In 2019, the building sector contributed to 38% of all annual global greenhouse gas emissions. This includes both embodied energy associated with building materials and practices and operational energy such as utilities. NextHaus Alliance takes both embodied and operational aspects into account to ensure a low or even net-zero carbon emission.