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Joe Barrett | Barrett Technology Solutions

January 22, 2021

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Smart home technology makes life easier, to be sure, but it can also help enhance health and wellness, along with resilience and sustainability.   

Shedding Light on Wellness:  Especially on grey winter days, natural light just makes you feel better. Biologically, natural light is important in improving mood and regulating the body’s circadian rhythms, including sleep cycles and the way our bodies use vitamin D.  By installing a lighting system based on circadian rhythms, you can boost your overall well-being.  Here’s how it works:  Instead of having bulbs that emit only one color and brightness level, circadian lights adjust in color temperature and brightness in sync with your circadian rhythms. Essentially, these LED bulbs mimic the sun’s changes through the day, allowing for healthy wake and sleep cycles and overall better feelings and cognition. 

Pure and Simple: In addition to lighting, smart home technologies can be deployed to improve air purification and water filtration in a house. This, too, inherently bolsters health and wellness, by removing many toxins, viruses and allergens.

The Smart Home Ecosystem: Bringing it all together, a smart home technology platform automatically manages lighting, air and water systems, to deliver peace of mind and comfort. Barrett’s Technology Solutions uses the Delos’ DARWIN Premier platform to seamlessly manage these functions to optimize a home for healthful living.

These and many other smart home solutions can be added to plans for new construction or be part of an existing home’s renovations. Even a century-old home can be fitted with such solutions!

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Joe Barrett is president of Barrett’s Technology Solutions, a core member of NextHaus Alliance.

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