On the Side of Resiliency

Joe Stubler | Boral

June 8, 2019

It’s that time of year, when tornadoes and strong thunderstorms rake communities, and the first tropical storms and hurricanes start to churn up, bringing to mind images of people boarding up their homes or, after the event, staring at their damaged facades. This also that time of year in many parts of the country when people take a new look at their home in the light of a late spring or early summer sun after a long winter. It was an exceptionally long winter in the Chicago area, which took its toll on structures as well as people. One way to secure a home and make it look fresh and appealing is to literally envelope it with strong materials. Durable siding enhances a home’s resiliency in the wake of weather events as well as in “regular” wear and tear.


Thanks to innovations in siding and trim materials and technologies, greater durability can be achieved. Boral, for example, has focused much of its innovative efforts on TruExterior siding and trim made from a combination of proprietary poly-ash material and recycled content. The line includes 5/8, 4/4, 5/4 and 2x trim, accessories, beadboard and siding. A home’s resilience is more than just weathering storms and wear, extending to the way in which a structure is a part of and connects with its environment. Homeowners interested in lowering the carbon footprint of their living space can opt for eco-friendlier materials while maintaining their high standards for quality and beauty. To that end, beyond its durability, the made-in-the-U.S. TruExterior is environmentally friendlier, because it’s made with 70 percent recycled content. The product is certified by a third party as “recycled content”.

The chemistry of poly-ash and recycled content also results in a hardier, low-maintenance exterior, with less expansion and contraction. The siding and trim offers greater resistance to damage caused by splitting or warping.


For home builders and homeowners, it’s also easy to install, without the need for gluing, gapping or other cumbersome and more expensive installation methods. The siding comes pre-primed, and can be painted in any kind of high-grade exterior paint. Another bonus: TruExterior siding and trim lasts longer because it isn’t affected by moisture like wood or other siding made with wood fiber.

Given the increasing frequency of strong storms and growing interest in more sustainable living, siding can be a front-and-center consideration when building a resilient home. See for yourself how your home might look with a more durable siding and trim, by logging onto Boral’s “Virtual Remodeler” .

Joe Stubler is a Territory Sales Manager for Boral Building Products Inc. in Bloomington, Ill and a member of the NextHaus Alliance. To learn more about durable, more sustainable siding and trim and the innovation behind such materials, visit truexterior.com.

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