Homes with a Purpose

Lauren Coburn | Lauren Coburn Architectural Interior Designer

September 10, 2022

From daily activities to travel, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work and think. Lauren Coburn, Lauren Coburn Architectural Interior Designer and a NextHaus Alliance member, shares her insights on design trends. 

Elevating Design 

Elevate your home’s interior design by incorporating materials, textures and colors that seamlessly blend space and create emotion. This palette of blue, cream and sepia – complemented by a carefully selected light fixture – creates drama and elegance. Antique rugs lend warmth.

Lauren Coburn Photo


Homeowners are maximizing their interior space for efficiency and purpose. Sustainable elements help reduce the carbon footprint and create an efficient use of space. This kitchen incorporates materials that help maximize storage space, optimize its unique shape and provides for awesome entertaining.

Lauren Coburn Photo


Customization and personalization are taking existing homes to the next level. Custom furniture throughout this lake-house inspired home fits its grand scale. The unique shape of the room and its light-beckoning windows draw attention to the client’s passion for overseas travel and love of French-inspired design. 

Lauren Coburn Photo

Outdoor Living 

Bringing the interior space outdoors may not be new, but it has evolved with homeowner intention behind how we now use our outdoor areas. Rooms with purpose range from private meditation spaces to front-yard parlors and outdoor dining centers for family use and entertaining friends.

Hursthouse photo

As consumers spend more time at home and experience their environment as a result of the pandemic, how we use our homes is changing. Homes with a purpose is a trend that is likely to grow.

Lauren Coburn is an architectural interior designer and owner of the design firm that bears her name. 

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