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At the forefront of sustainable home design.

At NextHaus Alliance, we embrace a seamlessly integrated design-build process to create smart, stylish and resilient sustainable homes.

NextHaus Alliance was established to serve visionary homeowners who understand that homes should not only be beautiful and inspiring, but also thoughtful, sustainable and built for life. Today, that means designing resilient homes that can handle the powerful extremes of nature, from severe winds and storms to full-blown natural disasters. To that end, we are a team of knowledgeable, award-winning design and build firms in the Chicago metropolitan area who incorporate sustainability and resilient design into everything we create. We are dispelling the notion that “sustainable” and “beautiful” are mutually exclusive.


Who We Are

NextHaus Alliance is a team of premier Chicagoland design and build firms who are committed to incorporating sustainable and resilient design into our projects. We joined forces to provide visionary homeowners who want forward-looking custom homes, or home renovations, a seamless, state-of-the-art experience using the most appropriate, efficient and attainable technologies possible to achieve homeowners needs, wants and desires.


Creating Visionary Homes

NextHaus Alliance brings together an unsurpassed team. Its members enjoy well-earned national reputations for delivering forefront environmental design, superior quality construction and ecologically sensitive landscape architecture that always employs the most effective technologies—and respects the planet. Our ultimate goal is always the same: to provide our clients with smart, inspiring and healthy homes that are designed for living and built to last.

Working With NextHaus Alliance

The NextHaus Alliance team is committed to making the client experience of designing and building a sustainable home an inspiring and enjoyable journey. That means the process should be effective, productive and seamless. Thanks to our “under one roof” approach, our NextHaus Alliance members offer unsurpassed expertise in every area of sustainable design and architecture. We check our egos at the door. And most significantly, we are committed to client-centric service.

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