Sustainable Residence

The NextHaus Alliance is at the forefront of the sustainable home movement

We offer the best integration of exquisite design and tangible sustainable solutions, customized to your exact needs.

NextHaus Alliance is a team of selected premier design and build firms in Chicago committed to incorporating sustainability and resilient design into beautiful homes. We are dispelling the thought that these two terms, “sustainable” and “beautiful” are mutually exclusive.

NextHaus Alliance was formed to serve visionary home owners who desire sustainable future forward custom homes or home renovations that reflect beauty with a refined lifestyle. To best meet the high expectations of our clientele, Nathan Kipnis, founder of NextHaus Alliance, brought together his esteemed colleagues of complimentary talents, to work together, sharing sustainable education and best design build technologies, while making the world more beautiful and lasting, one home at a time.  

NextHaus Alliance is a unique group of like-minded firms, committed to making the client experience of designing and building a seamless enjoyable journey. Utilizing their “under one roof” concept, with alliance members that believe in client-centric service, we are combining beautiful living with superior environmental choices, all managed expertly by tenured professionals.

NextHaus Alliance brings an unsurpassed team together with an earned national reputation for environmental design, the finest in quality construction, thoughtful landscape architecture – respecting the planet, and the newest tested technology, ultimately providing our clients with beautiful homes that live healthy, resiliently and lasting.

Benefits of the NextHaus Alliance

• Deeper technical expertise and experience in all areas
• A faster and more efficient process, which saves time and expense
• Leading-edge beautiful home design and “smart home” applications
• Stronger controls on the overall project budget, timing and experience
• An Experience that is enjoyable and customized to your time availability
• Superior communication delivering better client service, guidance and choices
• A truly beautiful home that more than maintains its value over time (non-obsolete)
• An “under one roof” concept of liked-mind talents for all your design/build needs
• Complete coordination across all phases of your home project – Design to Doorstep

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1642 Payne St, Evanston, IL 60201