1210 Maple’s Kitchen Provided by Mobili Mobel

Alison Accarino | Mobili Mobel

January 11, 2024

By Mobili Mobel, a NextHaus Alliance sponsor

For this project, the client and her designer were looking to redesign their kitchen, located in the center of the main floor, which featured an open floor plan. Because it was going to be such a focal point of the space, they wanted a sleek design that combined a functional kitchen with an entertaining space.

To fit with the overall vision and ensure that sustainable design remained at the forefront of the space, we brought in Valcucine cabinetry for the kitchen. Valcucine, one of many sustainable brands represented by Mobili Mobel, was the first company in the world to fully make over the parts that form the structure of a kitchen – the door, top and carcass – and these parts have been renewed by respecting the principle of dematerialisation.  This means that their designs use less raw materials and less energy without compromising on their solidity.

As part of the overall design, the client chose two unique patented elements from Valcucine to elevate their kitchen:  

First was Genuis Loci, a line of cabinetry designed to look like it’s topped with a very thick slab of stone. In reality, there’s a thin stone top with a stone clad drawer below that pulls out to reveal hidden storage.

Second, we took the concept of hidden storage one step further with the new Logica Element, which is a glass and aluminum structure that sits behind two base doors. One of those doors is a retractable backsplash with towers to reveal extra space, which is customizable for the cook’s needs. For this project’s needs, the client chose to outfit the space with spice racks, outlets for small appliances, and storage for cooking utensils. The second cabinet is an upper door that glides up using a counterweighted opening system to reveal storage for dish and glassware, as well as a hidden vent hood.

All of the Valcucine doors are made up of an anodized aluminum structural frame, featuring only mechanical joints, as well as a decorative panel welded to the frame in such a way as to be invisible from the outside. This technology delivers more functional and higher-quality doors that pairs solidity with lightness and is a real novelty in the industry. These cabinets are fully customizable with a variety of materials, colors and finishes. The result is a revolutionary product that features beautiful craftsmanship without sacrificing sustainability – the perfect cabinetry option for this space!

Mobili Mobel is a family-owned business with 20 years of experience in home design. They offer a wide range of luxury European furniture, cabinetry, lighting, tile, and doors. Their unique and distinctive products are simple to use, well-engineered to last, subtly elegant and earth friendly.

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