Our Process

Building a Sustainable Home

Our Unified Approach

Building a sustainable home takes the expertise of many different professions— from architects and designers to subs who specialize in state-of-the-art green technologies of every type. No one authority can truly know it all in this quickly evolving area. That’s why we took a team approach and formed NextHaus Alliance. We are a group of knowledgeable firms with deep expertise in every relevant area of green architecture, design and construction.

Everyone on our team has the same goals—to design and build sustainable, resilient homes, and provide exceptional, seamlessly integrated customer service. Though we’re here to offer our clients the most innovative and effective strategies and technologies—and inspire them to push the envelope a little, or even a lot—we are focused on fulfilling our client’s wants and dreams.

We apply our broad acumen and expertise to each project’s specific set of circumstances. The results are residences that embrace architectural solutions that are site-sensitive, technically sound, resilient, design savvy and truly reflect the needs and wants of each client. High Design/Low Carbon!

Our Simplified Process

Envisioning, designing and constructing luxury homes is a process that involves innumerable decisions. Typically, it’s necessary to interview multiple professionals in several disciplines. It becomes even more cumbersome and daunting when sustainability and resiliency are added to the mix. These specialties require professionals that are not just knowledgeable and experienced, but have the ability to think creatively, proactively and holistically to make sure a home will not only grow with its owners, but also stand the test of time.

The NextHaus Alliance team is qualified and experienced in all aspects of sustainable and resilient design. More significantly, they are collaborative and share a common goal: to provide clients with concierge-quality experience and work with them, every step of the way, to imagine, design, build, furnish, landscape and technologically advance a home to give owners everything they want—and more—in a home. That’s true luxury.

Integrating Smart Technologies

Experts predict that there will be 25 billion Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices by 2020, and a typical family home will contain dozens, if not hundreds, of these “smart,” network-connected products. Many of us already have some…and use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth protocols from phones, tablets and watches to regulate all sorts of functions. But there will be new protocols and gadgets that are still a glimmer of an idea in someone’s imagination to control, automate or optimize almost anything.

Such as? Today’s smart technologies can already monitor and control homes’ security systems, environment, equipment, resource use and costs. There are smart doorbells, locks, lighting, thermostats, heater, air conditioners, windows, shades, appliances of every ilk, audio-visual systems, energy and water usage monitors…and oh-so-much much more.

But when it comes to smart technologies, two very real issues exist: deciding which features to integrate into homes, and how to get these devices to talk to each other. It sounds simple, yet is anything but. A smart home must integrate people, process and technology at a very deep level. And when building a home from the ground up, or doing a full-blown renovation, there are going to be many professionals involved and hundreds of decisions to make.

The NextHaus Alliance team delivers homes that integrate the smart technologies homeowners want—and more significantly need—to make sure they have the most efficient, relaxing and cost-effective residences possible. Thanks to collaboration among NextHaus team members, we can design and incorporate the right systems for each job, and do so seamlessly. We address unforeseen obstacles together, and avoid extra charges or potential glitches. That’s not only true luxury, it’s sustainability at its best.

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