Northfield Resilient Residence

Photos by Wayne Cable Photography © 2018

About The Project

Sited on a lot in a recently designated flood plain, where a devastating 2008 deluge destroyed the existing Mid-Century Modern home, this residence required a strategic design program. To be able to re-build on the lot, the house would need to be raised above flood plain level. A basement would be out of the question. The solution: a flow through foundation to support the two story home, which allows water to course under a highly insulated raised floor structure.  Closed cell foam, the densest, highest quality residential insulation in existence, was used to insulate the exposed bottom structure, while LED lights, Energy Star appliances, solar panels and a whole house ventilation system add efficiency, comfort, cost effectiveness and optimize the entire interior.


Instead of the previous home’s 1950’s ranch aesthetic, the new owners wanted a classic Cape Cod. The only features that survived the flood were a swimming pool and a two-story addition that had been built to the modern flood plain standards.

building sustainability
building a sustainable home


The floor plan is designed to establish circulation paths that loop around the perimeters of the living and dining area, family room and kitchen.  Hidden recessed doors on Harmon pivot hinges allow the first floor to retain a completely open aesthetic. However, when extended and closed, the architectural doors create attractive, acoustically dampening dividers between the formal rooms.


An expansive arched window gives the spacious, second-story landing over the front entry an impressive view and copious natural light. These natural gifts make the intimate space an idyllic sitting room and reading nook.

sustainable materials
green building materials


Panels add architectural gravitas to a powerful front door, while sidelights edge its perimeter to bring natural light into the foyer. Slate tiles underfoot are striking yet sturdy, as well as easy to clean.


Wide wood planks stained deep coffee and simple moldings give a fresh contemporary feel to the formal living room. Pure white walls further the fresh aesthetic.

sustainable building materials
eco friendly home design


The newly added nine solar thermal panels crown the addition that survived the flood, and provide hot water for the domestic water system, heat for the existing pool and heat for a new radiant floor system.