Photos by James Caulfield Photography © 2018

About The Project

Mostly Made in America, reclaimed and/or recycled materials were used to construct this home, sited on a double lot the clients already owned. The two homes that previously occupied the lots, both from the 1950s, were meticulously deconstructed for recycling, while reclaimed materials from local sources were added to the mix.

Aging in-place strategies incorporated into the home’s design include single-floor living, no step interiors, a fitness lap pool, embedded structural supports for future grab bars and wide clearances at doors and hallways. A guest suite doubles as a future bedroom for a caregiver.


Splitting the home’s massing into two wings gives expansive residence the kind of intimate scale and friendly curb appeal that connects it to its neighboring homes. A butterfly roof formed from curved laminated and glued pieces of timber unites the soaring wings of the home, define its interior spaces and provide a surface for the photovoltaic solar array.

Sustainable Modern Resilient design
modern home design


This birds eye view shows how the two masses are joined to form a butterfly roof, built from curved laminated and glued pieces of timber and designed to hold a hidden but high efficiency photovoltaic solar array.  For resiliency, a future battery backup is prewired to the solar array and wired to fuel critical loads during power outages. The entire roof has an ice and water shield in case of roof damage from high winds. Oversized gutters and downspouts are designed to handle the runoff from extreme storms.


The home’s front entry is set between stone piers, an overhang and siding that clads the entire passage from the exterior into the interior to provide a strong connection between the outside and the interior.

sustainable design features
modern green home


Materials in the kitchen are recycled, reclaimed or have low- or no-volatile organic compounds. The cabinets are formaldehyde-free; the countertop is made from recycled waste glass; and the wood flooring is locally harvested oak.  The wood facing on the island is reclaimed from the original home on the site.

Living Room

In the soaring living room, clerestory windows and a stylish Big Ass Fan create natural ventilation. Equally stylish beams that crisscross the space to support the windows are made out of laminated and glued timber. Since the home is all electric, the fireplace is electronic and sports a never-ending image of dancing flames flickering on its screen.  For utility and aesthetics, the hearth is topped with a stunning slab of reclaimed oak that sports a living edge, while the enclosed lap pool at the far end of the room adds tranquility to the space.

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