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What is green architecture? What makes a home green? The answer depends on whom you ask and what they believe.

Today, green is one of the most overused adjectives in our vocabulary. Couple it with products and services, such as green building materials or green architecture, and it gives the nouns it modifies whole new meanings. Yet today, no term seems more muddled to us anything connected to green.

Sustainable Homes

When it comes to homes, which is what we focus on at NextHaus Alliance, the word sustainable is used widely as well—though it’s not involved anywhere near the frequency of green. Google “green homes” and you get 398 million hits. A search for “sustainable homes” gets only 19.9 million results.

Yet sustainable is much more logical term. The word itself implies that something can be maintained to last a long time—which is important given that buying, building or renovating a home is probably the biggest investment most of us make. And by merit of that definition, a sustainable home is also resilient—again an important concept given the impact the forces of nature can have on our homes. In recent years, we all know too well the damage floods, storms and earthquakes can inflict on our homes.

Smart Homes

Smart home is equally ambiguous to most of us, especially given the speed of change in this field. Experts predict that there will be 25 billion Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices by 2020, and a typical family home will contain dozens, if not hundreds, of these “smart,” network-connected products. Many of us already use many different technologies in our homes, and use phones, tablets and watches to regulate all sorts of functions.

That’s why we invite you to join the NextHaus Community, and take advantage of the knowledge and perspectives of our team and affiliated members. We all have different areas of expertise related to sustainable homes and resilient design, and hope to share our knowledge and insights with you on the pages of our Greener Gestures blog and in live events. Sign up below to stay informed.

Top reasons to be in our NextHaus Community:

Be the first to know.
Things change so fast in the sustainable building/smart home space that it helps to have experts vet new technologies and explain what they can do. They may be transformative and worth every cent they cost—or not. We will cover the newest developments in these areas in our newsletters and blogs.
Compare notes.
Building your NextHaus home comes with many choices, from the smart technologies that manage your comfort moment to moment to selecting the perfect foundation plantings outside. While NHA is happy to make recommendations, we will also highlight case studies of our projects, and can put you in touch with other NHA homeowners.
Access the experts.
Get answers to simple questions – direct from NHA.
Learn together.
As our community grows, your question about those solar tiles may be the same as someone else’s. When NHA answers questions for the group, we disseminate the information and everyone in our community benefits.
Tap into recommendations.
We have a broad and excellent universe of service providers. NHA takes pride in vetting all its partner members to perform to our own high standards of quality.
Receive invitations.
We hold NHA-sponsored events that showcase the latest trends in premium sustainable homes and state-of-the-art and emerging technologies.
Get special notices.
We are usually the first to know about products and services that may be of interest to you – from luxury electric cars to your home energy systems.
Be wowed.
An extraordinary group of sustainable homeowners are already in the NextHaus Community. Take advantage of their experiences and expertise as you build your own knowledge and learn to live more sustainably.

We also encourage you to share your experiences with like-minded friends or colleagues who might also enjoy working with the Nexthaus Alliance for their next home project.

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