Working With

NextHaus Alliance

The process begins with the full team to qualify your proposal and receive a full explanation of the NextHaus Alliance concept. During this stage, you’ll have a chance to ask the team any questions or concerns you may have before moving forward. Once you’re ready, the proposals are prepared, contracts are signed and partner retainers are agreed upon.

The predesign phase takes place during this initial phase, dedicated to pinning down the program, budget and the sustainable features, such as solar panels, or smart home tech integrated into your new home. The NextHaus Alliance team will be by your side, advising you every step of the way.

Schematic + Design Development

Now, as the designers get to work, you’ll be able to watch your dream home come together in 3D before the build even begins! You’ll meet with the team to view and do a virtual walk through of your NextHaus home and make any changes to your design. Hallway too narrow? You can fix that right away in the 3D rendering, ensuring every detail is up to your expectations.

Construction & Build

With the design defined, reviewed and set, the build can begin. Because all aspects of your home design are working in tandem, the process is much quicker than it would be if you were working with different contractors and companies. The NextHaus advantage, beyond the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials, is the transparency and communication amongst the team and with you – putting you at ease knowing that your home is being approached holistically, with time and efficiency in mind.

Finishing Touches

With the interior and exterior ready for your family, the education continues. The NextHaus team will explain every facet of your home and how it works and the final finish options available to you. This includes considerations such as Zero-VOC paints for families with allergy concerns and helping you choose the best LED lighting options.

The Walkthrough

For us, the final walkthrough is the most exciting part! To see a family’s dream come to life as we explain all the features of the home, from windows and ventilation systems to how the solar panels and battery backup systems work. It’s immensely gratifying to walk our clients through their high-end, energy efficient home and their beautiful low-maintenance landscape gardens.

The tech team will show you how use the smarthome features that keep you connected to your home through just your phone. We love showing our clients how seamlessly solar panels blend with the well planned architecture and how you may even see your electric meter run backwards, returning solar energy to your local utility company! The options are limitless when you’re dreaming of a home that is beautiful, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Benefits of NextHaus Alliance

Deeper technical expertise and experience in all areas

A faster and more efficient process, which saves time and expense

Leading-edge beautiful home design and “smart home” applications

Stronger controls on the overall project budget, timing and experience

An Experience that is enjoyable and customized to your time availability

Superior communication delivering better client service, guidance and choices

A truly beautiful home that more than maintains its value over time (non-obsolete)

An “under one roof” concept of liked-mind talents for all your design/build needs

Complete coordination across all phases of your home project – Design to Doorstep

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