The Best Approach to Crafting a Sustainable and Luxurious Home

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Smart Homes Streamline Lifestyles & Increase Sustainability

The right smart home automation installation requires careful planning and collaboration from beginning to end, starting with your goal for the smart home technology. Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Make everyday life easier? Enhance the look and feel of each room?

Whatever your goals, achieving them will take careful collaboration between the right builder, architect, designer and smart home company. In Chicago, this inspired the birth of NextHaus Alliance to make smart home construction seamless.

Keep reading to learn about our role in the NextHaus Alliance and what that means for you.


The NextHaus Alliance

The NextHaus Alliance is a consortium of Chicago-based design-build companies, all focused on creating homes that are beautiful, sustainable and fully customized to fit each homeowner’s lifestyle. It was founded and is focused on homeowners seeking an integrated experience using state-of-the-art sources focused on sustainable smart home solutions.

Barrett’s Role in NextHaus Alliance

As part of this consortium, we are the smart technology experts. Through our close work with builders, architects, interior designers, and other design-build professionals, we’re able to ensure that each and every smart device technology is integrated smoothly and cohesively throughout the home in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

When you build a smart home from the ground up, there are going to be a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Using an integrated team of seasoned luxury purveyors with a focus on sustainability ensures that regardless of any changes clients want to make, any customizations they need to the tech systems, or any concerns they have about the process – they are communicated in a timely and accurate manner to the other collaborators.  

With everyone working together seamlessly, any unforeseen obstacle or change that comes up can be easily taken care of without expensive change orders.

The Best Technologies for a Sustainable Home

As a part of the NextHaus Alliance, we strive to bring you a smart home that is not only comfortable and stylish, but also equally sustainable.

We take into consideration the environment around the construction, and how to add features that’ll take advantage of its surroundings.

We can install a variety of smart technologies, such as smart lighting control, motorized shades, and smart HVAC systems to help reduce your carbon footprint.

We can add these different features to give you an energy-efficient and long-lasting home that you’ll not only enjoy, but one that can save you so much. 

These technologies are all connected as part of one cohesive system that allows you to easily manage your entire smart home at the push of a button on your tablet, smartphone, or remote.

We’ll work with you from the start to create this home that’ll have both visual and hidden components that make the ideal living space for you and the environment.

The right smart home company will put your interests first.  Give us a call or fill out our contact form online to get started on making your sustainable dream home a priority.  We’d love to hear from you!